Evernote Adds New Tasks and Google Calendar Integration

The update also includes new subscription plans

Evernote’s new Tasks feature is exiting early access and is now available to the general user community.

In June, Evernote released the first iteration of Tasks to early access. On Wednesday, the company announced the official release of the new feature to the general public, as well as some other additions to the note-taking app. 

Tasks in Evernote


Tasks are the main addition in this update, allowing users to create to-do lists that can be assigned to other Evernote users. You also can connect your to-dos with various notes to add some context to the list as well. This update also adds Google Calendar integration to Evernote, allowing you to link events and calendar entries directly to notes and other documents saved in your Evernote account.

Evernote’s Home menu is also more customizable now and includes complete integration for both Tasks and Google Calendar. The app developers also revealed that Linux support for the Evernote app has now entered beta, honoring its commitment to cross-platform support. Other improvements with this update include more search options, as well as the option to export notes and notebooks to PDFs. Bulk export, import folder, and quick switcher have also all returns to the Evernote app.

"We’re moving forward in a way that helps you make valuable connections between information you want, when you want it, and what you need to do with it."

“While today is another significant step forward in delivering on our mission, together, these new features and plans represent a bigger shift: an expanded definition of Evernote’s fundamental value,” Ian Small, CEO of Evernote, said in the announcement.

Finally, Evernote unveiled several new subscription plans, which include Evernote Free, Evernote Personal, Evernote Professional, and Evernote Teams. Each plan offers additional features, and the cost may vary. You can compare the plans and the features offered on Evernote’s website.

Google Calendar integration in Evernote


“To fulfill our original promise to become your external brain, we’re moving forward in a way that helps you make valuable connections between information you want, when you want it and what you need to do with it," says the blog post. "We will continue to partner in your process, amplifying the way you like to work and helping you focus on what’s needed to achieve your unique goals.”

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