How to Use Split Screen on iPad

Excel at multitasking with this nifty feature

Sometimes one app isn’t enough. The iPad Split View feature allows you to use two apps simultaneously, viewing them side-by-side on your iPad screen. Split Screen functionality is only available on iPads running iOS 11 or later.

Enable the ‘Allow Multiple Apps’ Setting

To utilize Split View or Slide Over functionality, the Allow Multiple Apps setting must be enabled. Active by default, this setting may have been disabled at some point either manually or by an app.

Take the following steps to ensure that multiple apps are allowed to be viewed simultaneously on your iPad.

  1. Tap General, located on your iPad Home Screen.

  2. The iOS General Settings interface should be displayed. Tap Multitasking & Dock

    The location of Multitasking & Doc in the iPad General Settings
  3. Locate the Allow Multiple Apps setting, found at the top of the screen. If the toggle accompanying it is green, then the setting is active. If it’s white, it's currently disabled, and you’ll need to tap the toggle once to enable the ability to use Split View or Slide Over features.

    The Allow Multiple Apps in iPad's Multitasking & Dock menu

How to Do Split Screen on iPad

Once the Multi Apps function is enabled, using the Split Screen view on the iPad is a matter of a few gestures.

At least one of the two apps needs to reside in your iPad Dock for Split View to work. If a shortcut to one of these apps is not currently in your Dock, you’ll want to add it there before continuing. 

  1. From your iPad Home screen, open the first app you wish to use in split-screen mode. A shortcut to this particular app does not have to be in your Dock.

  2. Slowly swipe up from the bottom of your screen so that the Dock is displayed.

    The Google Chrome browser with the iPad Dock overlaying it
  3. Tap and hold the icon for the second app.

  4. Next, drag the app icon and release it anywhere outside of the Dock.

  5. The second app will be displayed in Slide Over mode, overlaying part of the first app. You’ll notice a dark grey horizontal line at the top of the second app’s window. Tap and drag this line down, letting go when the app window transforms.

    A screenshot of iPad in Slide Over mode
  6. Both apps should be visible side-by-side in Split View mode. If you’d like to make both apps the same size on your iPad screen, tap and drag the vertical gray divider found between the two windows, letting go when they have equal screen space.

    A screenshot of iPad Split View mode

    Not all iPad apps support this split-screen functionality, so your experience may vary if one or both of the apps you are using do not offer Split View mode.

  7. To stop working in split-screen, tap and drag the divider until it covers the app you no longer want to see.

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